ENO Product Range

ENO is available in Regular, Lemon, Ginger and Orange flavours. Choose the 100g and 200g bottles to stock up at home or workplace and 4.3g sachets for fast relief on the go.

  • 200 Gram Bottle
  • ENO Regular 200gRegularMAL19962144X
  • ENO Lemon 200gLemonMAL19962147X
  • 100 Gram Bottle
  • ENO Regular 100gRegularMAL19962144X
  • ENO Lemon 100gLemonMAL19962147X
  • ENO Ginger 100gGingerMAL05041881X
4.3 Gram Sachet
ENO Regular 43gRegularMAL19962144X
ENO Lemon 43gLemonMAL19962147X
ENO Ginger 43gGingerMAL05041881X
ENO Orange 43gOrangeMAL20020542X

KKLIU: 1939/2018

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